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To search for primary antibodies, siRNAs/shRNAs products, and transfected cell lysates by chromosome location and/or protein ID # see our Advanced Search feature. You can also search for chemicals by CAS number, molecular formula or chemical name from the chemical search bar on our ChemCruz® Biochemicals page. Product Categories: Primary Antibodies, Secondary Antibodies, Control Antibodies and Normal Sera, Phospho-Specific Antibodies, Flow Cytometry, 조직염색(파라핀)용 항체, Protein A, G PLUS and L-Agarose, CRISPR Plasmids, siRNA and shRNA (plasmid and lentivirus) Products, Tissue Extracts, Cell Lysates and Proteins, Transfected Cell Lysates, Specialty Reagents and kits, Biochemicals, General Laboratory Supplies, Animal Health Products and Veterinary Supplies